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The headset factory tells you about the burning machine

Source: Views::383 Time:2017-03-29

Burning  machine the word in the present is not a new topic, and many have just  started a mobile phone friends have such a question: "my headset need to  burn machine?", "How to burn machine", "pot Machine really useful? "Today, headset factory mlk technology to give you talk about burning machine this topic.

Online  legend burning machine manufacturers are conspiracy, when you buy a new  headset did not achieve the desired effect, feel disappointed to  return, they will say that the new headset need to burn a pot effect  will come out, when you believe that really pot For  a period of time, you missed the return period ... ... routine good  deep, of course, do not rule out this situation; online also had a group  had organized a blind listening experiment, professional audio industry  practitioners, two New  headphones, a pot over, one no, in the blind after the two headphones  were used to listen to four different styles of the track; and then came  to a headset, is a very mysterious things ... ... In  general, the burning machine is really useful, and some components such  as transistors, integrated circuits, capacitors when the new electrical  parameters of instability, after a period of time to use after the  gradual stability. Burning  machine is actually, after a period of time after the planned use, so  that the performance gradually improved, until the return to the normal  level of the process. New to buy back the first week of the headset is burning machine time, generally take a month or two to complete. So  Xiaobian suggested that the entry-level tens of dollars a few hundred  dollars level headphones do not have to burn, especially if you are not a  professional situation (it is estimated that no professionals will buy  so cheap), pot the estimated you also Do  not necessarily hear it (I have no other meaning, I mean that the  presence of all you are ...), of course, you can also play with nothing,  the specific method is not long-winded, and the degree of your mother  is good friend.

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