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Headset manufacturers tell you: headset brand selection errors

Source: Views::321 Time:2017-03-14

Over  the years, on which brand of headphones is good this problem, which is  asked the most tangled problem; consumers want to spend the least money  to buy the best products, then today's headset manufacturers Lee mlk on  this issue to give We talk about some common errors.

Each  brand of headphones have their own advantages and disadvantages, choose  a most suitable is the king, rather than simply the pursuit of the  so-called sound quality and high prices! This is like eating, Sichuan, it is the main features of spicy, while Cantonese is the same as most of the same sweet. Similarly,  each brand manufacturers have their own different design concepts, and  even according to the different products of the designer's own  preferences tend to be different, may also lead to the production of  products focused on different. Xiao  Bian see someone on the Internet said, "choose a very simple way to  choose the brand, is to see the country where the brand is not their  favorite style, because the different brands of headphones audio tuning  with the tuner's national nature, such as Germany The  sound of the sound style is generally biased, the United States warm  and unrestrained, and so on. "I think this method is very good, we can  try. AKG  headphones mid-frequency highlights, sound texture, taste; Sen Hassel's  voice shocked the atmosphere, very smooth; Beyer's voice dyed very  little, very clean The There is a simple and most direct way is to go to the physical store audition! Satisfied to take away, not satisfied with the change.

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