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Headset manufacturer: HiFi headset and monitor the difference between headphones

Source: Views::329 Time:2017-03-10

Everyone is more familiar with the hifi headphones, then listen to headphones? Although the same is the headset, but there are still very different,  followed by our headset manufacturers mlk to understand the next bar

Hi-Fi  literally translated as "high fidelity", its definition is: with the  original sound is similar to the playback sound, in the sound quality is  very good, for the civilian consumption areas, used to listen to music,  listen to radio, watch movies, Hi -Fi  on the endless; monitor headphones generally refers to the tri-band  balance, the sound without modification, relative to the high-fidelity  headphones, but and high-fidelity headphones, monitor headphones is  equivalent to full of fidelity, so can more Good  to help the wearer to distinguish between high and low, accompaniment,  etc., suitable for singers, announcers to wear in order to correct their  own voice to achieve a more professional level. One  for entertainment, one for monitoring, recording and listening,  broadcast monitoring, performance monitoring, actor back listening,  meeting monitoring, DJ listening and so on. There  are HiFi headphones are very delicate, but the monitor headset is  different, because the use of the environment is very complex, so the  general structure of listening headphones simple, durable.

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