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Why sleep more and more fire headphones?

Source: Views::319 Time:2017-02-28

Now, sleep headphones are becoming more and more popular both at home and abroad. Do  you know what is the sleep headset? Why do we call it a sleep headset?  Now let the headset manufacturer Lilin Xin Technology introduce it for  you now! This comfortable headband can pull down from your eyes, stop the bright light while relaxing your favorite tunes. So we call it sleep headphones.

 Features and advantages

• Super comfortable sleep headphones - ultra-thin liner speakers and durable braided cables. These headphones are a good choice for children who hate earplugs, simple-minded headphones, headphones or sensory problems. Lightweight, comfortable, washable towel with adjustable removable speaker, providing perfect fit.

• Perfect school and family - comfortable and easy to carry - Unique design makes it easy to track.

• great problems and special needs! Headband soft washable, ultra-thin speaker is almost inconspicuous. No earbuds stick in the ear. Can also be pulled as a sleep mask, will not interfere with the car seat headrest.

• Use flexible and durable braided wire and rugged 3.5mm stereo plug. Normal use will not be distorted, twisted or broken. You  can use audio equipment such as Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android,  Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry, Nokia, LG, HTC, Google Nexus, Lenovo, Asus,  Sony, Dell, Toshiba, HP, MP3, MP4

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