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The headset has sound, but the microphone can not speak

Source: Views::319 Time:2017-02-22

Recently  found a lot of friends are asking, then the headphones on the computer,  there is a voice out, but the wheat can not speak, just the hands and  no more headset equipment how to do such a problem; this time may not  only headset problem, There may be other aspects of the fault; the following said a few  small ways to help you troubleshoot, check to see where the problems go.

At  the beginning of the check, we open the windows of the sound tab,  inside the test hardware, easy to check when you see the effect. First  of all, we check whether the jack contact bad, try to re-insert it, and  then the computer will be behind the host 3 holes, the blue do not care  about it, the other two holes with the front of the same, What  can be a preliminary question to determine where the problem, said here  Xiaobian would like to laugh to see someone say that the plug is not  inserted wrong, the use of headphones on the computer are two  interfaces, a green hole on behalf of the headset, A pink hole on behalf of the wheat, to see if it is inserted, I would like to ask, if plug the headphones will have a voice? Then  double-click the volume icon to open the volume control, point options,  select the property - play, see the drop-down box in the microphone is  not hook, the mute is not hooked on? The  same also check the next record inside a column; you do not forget to  operate at the same time against their own microphone to speak, if you  can correctly complete, that your hardware no problem, then you have to  download a driver wizard Software check update sound card driver.

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