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Some basics about headphones

Source: Views::325 Time:2017-02-22

Is a new week, do not know you have a small partner weekend out of happy waves? Xiaobian surprised a few days found that some friends for the headset, there are many basic things do not know. The The As a fever, no concert dead star you are so unqualified! So Xiaobian it to the Internet to collect some information, posted out for everyone to see.

First of all, is the classification of headphones, the principle of  energy conversion classification is not to say, you can go to see our  previous hair, very detailed there are many; according to the use of  sub-mainly portable, home, monitor, mix,

Then there are some related parameters and sound quality terminology. Impedance  is the sum of the resistance and the reactance on the vector (the  resistance is the effect of the object on the current obstruction, the  reactance is the effect of the capacitor and the inductance on the  current); sensitivity, headphone input 1 mW power when the headset can  be issued Sound  pressure level (the greater the sound pressure, the greater the volume,  the unit is decibel); frequency response, the frequency corresponding  to the sensitivity value is the frequency response. The  sound, the sound, the sound of one of the basic attributes, such as  violin, guitar is a different tone; sound dye, that is, a "rendering" of  the sound, such as the sound of the sound, the sound of the sound, Sound  equalizer, a variety of bass system, a variety of surround sound field  adjustment; distortion, the device output, can not fully reproduce its  input, resulting in waveform distortion or signal composition changes;  dynamic, allowing the maximum information recorded with the smallest The  ratio of information; transient response, equipment, music, the ability  to follow the burst signal, transient response to a good device should  be a signal to respond immediately, the signal stopped to stop, never  dragging its feet. (Piano);  signal to noise ratio, the useful components of the signal and the  noise of the contrast, the higher the signal to noise ratio of the  device that it produces less noise; air feeling used to express the  treble open, or sound field in the instrument Between  the interval of acoustical terms; low frequency extension, refers to  the audio equipment can reproduce the minimum frequency. Is  used to determine the level of sound in the sound system or speakers  can be dive to the extent of the scale; bright, that highlights the  4kHz-8kHz high frequency band, when the harmonic is stronger than the  fundamental. Bright itself and no problem, the scene of the concert are bright voice, the problem is bright to grasp the sense of proportion.

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