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  • engineershenzhen2017-5-110

     the scope of duties:

    1. Responsible  for the company's product circuit design, development, sample production  to meet the requirements of the nature of the product;
    2. Responsible for the company's electronic, electrical technical information collection, summary, archiving;
    3. In the department heads in charge, responsible for the electrical improvement of the whole machine or parts;
    4. To assist the mechanical design staff to complete the whole product development;
    5. The product has been responsible for its production of technical services and technical improvements;
    6. Completion of the work of the document and to ensure timely notification of all relevant personnel;
    7. On time to complete the target, plan and ensure quality;
    8. timely report to the higher level of product design work;
    9.  In the independent processing and follow-up projects, and departments  to communicate and coordinate product development, troubleshooting

    the professional requirements:

    1. Bachelor degree or above in electrical engineering.

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