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Yuefull is from Yuefu,Yuefu(simplified Chinese:乐府;traditional Chinese:樂府) are Chinese poems composed in a folk song style. The term originally meant"Music Bureau".(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuefu). The story of Hua Mulan well known by Westerners via the Disney film also came from this poem genre.

We, Shenzhen Yuefull Electronics CO., Ltd, founded in the spring of 2003, adheres this kind of tradition and amasses rich experience in earbuds,headphones and speakers. In the summer of same year, Yuefull International Limited was founded in Hong Kong, in charge of better serving the business relationship with our overseas clients.

The purpose of composing this website is to show our most updated concepts and products that we think can create values for our cilents. There are hundreds of thousands of earbuds/headphones models in the market. Many of them are old and public, resulting in getting many buyers dazzled and lost when sourcing new items for the sales in the next seasons. However what we do is to develop new models and to redesign the traditional models in order to provide our clients products based on below 3 simple factors: hot, new and cost effective

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